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UW Eau Claire Alcohol Safety Team & Bridge

Alcohol Safety Team | Bridge

Research and best practices indicate that the most effective programs are campus wide efforts that involve as many parts of the college as possible, including administrators, staff, faculty, and students. Building coalitions with local community leaders is also critical.

UW Eau Claire has a long history of bringing campus and community stakeholders together to work on issues related to high-risk drinking by its students. Groups past and present that have worked together include:

  • Alcohol Education Advisory Committee 1996-1998
  • Alcohol Task Force 1999-2000
  • Alcohol Education Committee 2003-2005
  • The Bridge: Campus Community Coalition on Alcohol Issues in Eau Claire: 2005-present
  • Alcohol Prevention Program Advisory Committee: 2005-2008
  • Alcohol Safety Team: 2008-present

Today, the UW-Eau Claire continues to support two groups, the Alcohol Safety Team, a campus group dedicated to identifying and acting on areas of concern related to student alcohol and other drug use, and the Bridge: Campus-Community Coalition on Alcohol Issues in Eau Claire, which aims to address these issues throughout the greater Eau Claire community.

Alcohol Safety Team


The UW-Eau Claire Alcohol Safety Team is comprised of representatives from across campus committed to reducing the harmful effects of alcohol on students by providing leadership on campus alcohol policy, programs and initiatives, and services.

1. Review and update a comprehensive campus alcohol plan annually.
2. Review campus survey and other data to assess alcohol use patterns and identify areas that require action.
3. Review campus alcohol policies and make recommendations to the Chancellor as changes are needed to keep campus alcohol policies current, and ensure policies are communicated and enforced.
4. Support the implementation of evidence-based strategies identified in the campus alcohol plan (i.e. prevention programs, policy changes, enforcement).
5. Keep individual campus departments and office, and all of the UW-Eau Claire community informed and up to date on the work of the AST.

The Alcohol Safety Team meets two times each year.
• Meeting 1 (September): Review Alcohol Program Plan for the year; Share initiatives from each area; Identify the need for any ad-hoc committees for the year (e.g. neighborhood committee)
• Meeting 2 (April): Review program and other data collected during the year; Updates on progress for academic year from each area; Updates on committee work.



The Bridge

The Bridge is a partnership between the UW-Eau Claire campus and the greater Eau Claire community to address and reduce underage and high risk drinking behaviors and associated negative experiences through education, enforcement, and environmental changes.


The Bridge meets two times a year. Individuals representing several campus offices, and community representatives interested in reducing underage and high risk drinking for college students come together to report on progress, trends, and to identify areas of concern that require joint action.

The Bridge is co-chaired by UW-Eau Claire Chancellor, Eau Claire City Police Chief Jerry Staniszewski, and Eau Claire City/County Health Department Director Lieske Giese. Other Bridge participants include local officials, concerned citizens, business owners, health care providers, and UW Eau Claire faculty, staff, and students. Bridge meetings and activities are coordinated through the CASE office.

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