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Business men and women participating in professional development, leadership and management training and learning how to start a small business.

Business / Industry 

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Whether you are just thinking about opening
a business, have become a second-stage
business leader, or are on a corporate
management team, we have services
and seminars designed specifically for you.

Upcoming Business / Industry programs:

Entrepreneurial Training Program
Create your business plan. Learn business fundamentals. Be ready for financing. The Entrepreneurial Training program is designed specifically to help you develop a solid business plan and learn what it takes to build a thriving business.
SMCP - Building Leadership Skills through Communication and Listening
Team and individual success depends on clear communication. Learn how reflective listening can enhance your communication style and help you build trust with coworkers.
SMCP - Dealing with Conflict
Learn how to deal with conflict quickly, confidently and professionally.
SMCP - Developing Change Resilience
Learn the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that each predictable stage in the Change Cycle™ brings and how that knowledge creates resiliency and success.
SMCP - HR Survival for Supervisors
Human resource management is a shared responsibility. As a supervisor, you need to be aware of the key role you play in getting work done effectively, safely and to a standard.
SMCP - Improving Managerial Efficiency
Discover ways to gain valuable concentrated work time. Accomplish more in less time, and do it better.
SMCP - Leading Intentional Customer Service
Learn leadership and coaching skills that inspire team commitment to better customer service.
SMCP - Managing Projects and Project Teams
Learn critical skills to make your projects run efficiently from inception to completion,
SMCP - Managing the Multigenerational Workforce
Leading a multigenerational work group can be a daunting challenge. In this seminar you will explore generational differences in work ethic, communication styles, media use, and attitudes toward teamwork.
SMCP - Maximizing Performance
Expect the best and coach to achieve it. Discover ways to get peak performance from your people.
SMCP - Negotiation Skills
Because you negotiate daily, you need to master the negotiation process. It's the key to management success.
SMCP - Process Mapping
Team Leaders – gain the skills you need to identify process constraints, analyze and prioritize essential process steps, and effectively align employee skills with critical tasks.
SMCP - Recruiting and Retaining Top Performers
Attracting and retaining high-caliber employees is critical to your long-term business success. Learn how to align your talent acquisition and retention efforts with essential organizational competencies.
SMCP - Supervisory Management 1
Learn how to make the transition from team member to a member of the management team.
SMCP - Supervisory Management 2
This workshop concentrates on four critical concerns for managers: orienting new employees understanding your personal communication style; time management; delegation.
SMCP - Supervisory Management 3
Communicating clear, specific expectations to your people is critical to operational effectiveness. This third seminar pulls key concepts from the first two seminars and focuses on how to provide meaningful feedback.
SMCP - Writing for Business: Practical Strategies for Managing Your Message
Learn the skills, strategies and techniques needed to improve your business writing. And gain practical tips to make business writing more efficient and effective.

You might also be interested in . . .

Supervisory Management Certificate Program
Gain new skills in a specific business area or broaden your entire managerial skill set by earning your Certificate in Supervisory Management. Topics include: Essential Supervisory Skills; Dealing with Conflict; Developing Change Resilience; Improving Managerial Efficiency;  Improving Team Communication; Managing Projects and Project Teams; Maximizing Performance; Negotiation Skills; Leading Customer Service; Managing the Multigenerational Workforce. 

Nonprofit Development Leadership Certificate Series
Increase your professional competency and be part of a leadership team that can take your nonprofit from surviving to thriving.  Sign up for a workshop or two, or take all six and earn your Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership.  Topics include: Management; Strategic Planning, Financial Management and Reporting, Board Development and Management, Fundraising, Marketing and Communications.

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