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ECSNA (Eau Claire site) is a student nurses' association open to any person who is enrolled in the pre-nursing or nursing program at UW-Eau Claire. It is linked to the Wisconsin and National levels of student nurse associations.
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Why join ECSNA?

  • Meet other student nurses outside of class who provide support and reassurance that you can be successful.
  • Make professional contacts which can lead to new opportunities, friends, employment, and information.
  • Get a feeling of identification and reinforcement by being part of a professional organization.
  • Receive discounts within the school of nursing (i.e. CPR classes, nursing t-shirts, etc.).
  • List your membership/involvement on a resume.

How to join?

For more information, contact Shelby, our membership coordinator, at

Upcoming Events:  

Next General Meeting



Board Members:

President: Melissa Finley
Legislative Vice President: Erin Stone
Executive Vice President: Michelle Markwardt
Secretary: Meghan Pasineau
Treasurer: Sara Peterson
Webmaster: Britta Ave'Lallemant
Membership Coordinator: Shelby Owens
Fundraising Coordinator: Amy McDonald
Community Service Coordinator: Shannen Ohman
Historian: Katie Ayres
Co-Breakthrough to Nursing: Lorin Divine &  Caitlin Gardner










Questions or comments?
Contact Britta Ave'Lallemant at

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.