Chancellor's Diversity Advisory Commission 

The commission is appointed by the Chancellor, comprised of faculty, staff, and students; and two community members of the Eau Claire Area.

The Chair to the commission is Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action, Teresa O'Halloran.

The commission has constructed a Diversity Statement.

The commission members are as follows:

  • Aram deKoven
  • Jesse L. Dixon
  • Nicole A. Foyt
  • David M. Jones
  • Christopher J. Jorgenson
  • Kia Lee
  • Laura J. Manydeeds
  • Faith W. Matheka
  • Deborah L. Newman
  • Teresa E. O'Halloran
  • Diane S. Roadt
  • Jodi B. Simek
  • Paul W. Soulier
  • Vicky L. Thomas
  • Jefford B. Vahlbusch
  • Duane Van Dresar 
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