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Media Memo: Campus expert on Syria is available to talk with media

September 10, 2013

TO: News Editors and Directors

FROM: Judy Berthiaume

DATE: Sept. 10, 2013

SUBJECT: Campus expert on Syria isavailable to talk with media

The following University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty member is available to talk with the media about Syria and share his thoughts regarding the events that are occurring there.

Dr. Ali R. Abootalebi, professor of Middle Eastern and global politics

Dr. Abootalebi teaches courses on "Politics of the Middle East" and "Arab-Israeli Conflict." He has done research on and taught about Islam and politics, Iran, U.S.-Middle Eastern policy and the global political economy. He is an executive council member of the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies.

You can reach Dr. Abootalebi at 715-836-5969 or

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