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UW-Eau Claire student receives Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

October 16, 2013
Jordan Schwartz

EAU CLAIRE — A UW-Eau Claire student recently was awarded an Actuarial Diversity Scholarship from the Actuarial Foundation. The award recognizes the academic achievements of full-time undergraduate students planning to pursue careers in the actuarial profession.

Sophomore actuarial science major Jordan Schwartz is one of 41 college students in the nation to receive the award the year, which promotes cultural diversity through its recognition of black, African American, Hispanic and Native North American students.

Schwartz, a native of Rapid River, Mich., said she applied for the scholarship on her own and was asked to demonstrate her interest and intentions for becoming an actuary.

"When I received the email stating that I was a recipient of the scholarship, I was overjoyed," Schwatrz said. "I couldn't believe that I was chosen for this nationwide scholarship."

One of Schwartz's professors, Dr. Vicki Whitledge, professor of mathematics, said the math department is proud to have students like Schwartz in their program.

"This national scholarship is awarded to attract and support a diverse, high-quality set of individuals to the actuarial profession," Dr. Whitledge said. "With winning this scholarship, Jordan has demonstrated a high level of academic success."

As a part of the award, Schwartz will receive a $2,000 scholarship and the opportunity to work with an actuary who will serve as a mentor throughout the year.

Schwartz, who also is pursuing a certificate in information systems, said she chose the actuarial profession because she's always loved math and was looking for a career with some variety and challenging aspects to it.

"It comes fairly easily to me, so I always knew I wanted to pursue a math degree of some kind," Schwartz said. "Actuarial science is a very tough program and there is so much I can do with this degree. I have the dedication it will take to pass the professional exams so I'm eager to get a start on them."

Schwartz currently plans to move to Colorado after graduating from UW-Eau Claire to pursue a career with an insurance company.

The Actuarial Foundation is an organization established in 1994 to help facilitate and broaden the actuarial profession's contribution to society. The mission of the foundation is to develop, fund and execute education, scholarship and research programs that serve the public and the profession by harnessing the talents and resources of actuaries.

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