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November shows underway at L.E. Phillips Planetarium

November 4, 2013

EAU CLAIRE — The L.E. Phillips Planetarium at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire announces special program offerings for the month of November.

The planetarium provides an opportunity to learn more about space, the solar system and the stars in the night sky. During the shows, a planetarium presenter will discuss the night sky and illustrate how to identify constellations. Following are the shows scheduled for November:

  • "Cultural Constellations," 7 p.m. Tuesdays: This show, for adults and children 10 and older, will include a discussion of some of the myths associated with constellations. Different cultures often view star patterns in similar ways, but with varying stories. Americans are most familiar with the Greek mythology associated with constellations. This program will feature views from other cultures, including stories from Japan and Native American tribes.
  • "Cricket and Friends See a Comet," 11 a.m. Saturdays (no show during Thanksgiving weekend): This show, which is aimed at children ages 5-10, will focus on comets, stars and planets in the night sky in a timely presentation that coincides with Comet ISON's visit to our solar system. Comet ISON is expected to be the brightest at the end of the year when it is positioned in the evening sky. Comet ISON currently is in the morning sky near Mars and can only be seen with a powerful telescope.

Admission to the presentations is $2 at the door. Visitors are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes before each show. The L.E. Phillips Planetarium is located in Phillips Science Hall on the UW-Eau Claire campus. Free parking is available during weekends and evenings. Group shows and school field trips can be arranged.

More information is available on the planetarium website or by calling 715-836-3148.




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