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UW-Eau Claire's McIntyre Library launches online digital collections portal

February 17, 2014
This historic photo was taken at the 1929 Christmas dance hosted by the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) in the Schofield Hall gymnasium. The photo is from the 1930 edition of The Periscope, and is one of thousands of photos available for viewing using the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Digital Collections portal.

EAU CLAIRE — Traveling through history at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire without leaving home or office is now possible with McIntyre Library's new digital collections portal.

The portal hosts more than 50,000 unique and historic images from UW-Eau Claire, including a fully searchable digitized set of the university's yearbook, The Periscope, published from 1917-95, and photographs of faculty, staff, students, events and other campus scenes dating back to 1916.

The portal provides an opportunity for McIntyre Library to share unique materials with the university and Eau Claire area communities, said Greg Kocken, head of McIntyre Library's Special Collections and Archives department.

"With UW-Eau Claire's centennial anniversary quickly approaching, there is growing interest in the university's history," Kocken said. "This digital collections portal allows anyone to easily access historical information and materials. What we are able to share through these digital collections is phenomenal. Most of these images simply can't be found anywhere else. We are very excited by the opportunities this digital collections portal offers the university community."

Looking ahead, McIntyre Library is currently exploring opportunities to digitize copies of the student newspaper, The Spectator, which dates back to 1923, and other unique materials located in the library's Special Collections and Archives department, Kocken said.

For more information, visit the online digital collections website or contact Greg Kocken at or 715-836-2739.




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