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Services Availability 

Due to increasing demand, University Communications must prioritize requests to create promotional materials. When requests are received, projects will be assigned and completed based on the following scale:

Tier 1 | Institutionwide communications

Print, Web, electronic, display and other communications that support the university and its mission or enhance the image of the university to primarily external audiences. These types of communications include materials supporting student recruitment and retention, advancement, diversity, academics, alumni and the Office of the Chancellor.


Tier 2 | External outreach/primary internal communications

Print, display and other communications that support colleges, units, departments and offices that are engaged in significant external outreach activities. These types of publications include materials promoting academic initiatives, major theatre and music performances, athletics, service-learning and community/economic development and research resources.

Tier 3 | Narrowly focused external/internal communications

Print, display and other publications that support individual departments, programs, offices and units. These types of publications include materials promoting specific academic majors or programs, specific support services, campus-wide support services and specific special events.

Web and electronic communications support

University Communications is responsible for developing and updating content on "upper-level" pages of the UW-Eau Claire Web site. In addition, University Communications provides support for Web and electronic communications that would be considered Tier 1 priorities. University Communications will be pleased to offer advice to clients seeking to create Tier 2 or Tier 3 Web or electronic publications, including referring them to Web Development Services, a unit of Learning and Technology Services.

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