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Broadcast/video materials 

University Communications staff has expertise in creating television and radio ads and videos.

We'll help you identify the media that will best relay your message to your target audience, craft the message and create the ad or video. Plan on two to four weeks of production time for a radio ad and four to eight weeks for a television ad or video.

University Communications provides the following services for specific broadcast and video projects (see information on University Communications services availability):

Television ads

University Communications writes scripts, coordinates video and audio production and helps place television ads in appropriate markets. There is no charge for our time, but you will be responsible for paying production, videography and ad placement costs. To get started, contact Mike Rindo.

Radio ads

University Communications writes scripts for radio ads and public service announcements (PSAs). If you pay for an ad, you can specify when and where it airs. PSAs are free but are aired at the discretion of the stations. There is no charge for our help with writing or placing ads and PSAs. You are responsible for paying the cost to air ads. To get started, contact Mike Rindo.


University Communications provides writing, videography and editing services to create quality videos. To get started, contact Mike Rindo.

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