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Portland Researcg
Last spring semester, Dr. Ruth Cronje, Dr. David Soll, and a group of eight undergraduate students from Dr. Soll's Sustainable Cities class made a nine-day voyage west to better understand how Portland is able to produce such a thriving, sustainable economy. The trip provided a domestic, intercultural immersion experience to help students better understand diversity and inclusivity outside of the university. During their time in Portland, the students took a course at Portland State University, volunteered to feed the hungry, went on bike tours around the city, and visited several sites of green initiatives.

Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies

SollPictureDr. David Soll recently received the American Public Works Association (APWA) Abel Wolman Award at its 2014 International Public Works Congress & Exposition in Toronto, Canada. Established in 1987, the Wolman Award is presented annually by APWA's Public Works Historical Society to recognize the best new book published in the field of public works history. Soll's book, "Empire of Water: An Environmental and Political History of the New York Water Supply," published in 2013 by Cornell University Press, was selected for the award by a committee of public works professionals and scholars. The book explores the history of New York City's water system from the late 19th century to the early 21st century, focusing on the geographical, environmental and political repercussions of the city's search for more water.See full story and related UW-Eau Claire news release.

Featured Alumna Profile Story - Laura Suppes ’07

May 14, 2014 by Alyse Brunella '14

Laura Suppes ’07, a UW-Eau Claire environmental public health graduate, has returned to campus as an assistant professor of environmental public health. “I am very excited to be back at UW-Eau Claire continuing the tradition of excellence and passing on my passion for the environmental public health field,” Suppes said. Suppes holds a master of  > Full story.

Professor, two students conduct research in India

This winter break, two UW-Eau Claire students had the opportunity to travel along with a professor on a research trip to India.  Junior Heather Spray and senior Greg Nelson accompanied Dr. David Soll, an environmental historian and in the Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies, on a roughly three week trip overseas to India. The trio divided their time between two cities, spending two weeks in Bangalore and five days in Dehli.  While abroad, they spent their time researching, networking and exploring India.  Read more.....

Honors Program students conduct on-campus sustainability projects

Mumford Honor Students-Dec 2013Students in Dr. Karen Mumford's Honors Program course in campus ecology are taking their passion for sustainability out of the classroom and into the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus community through hands-on projects with on-campus clients. 

"Students want hands-on experiences in sustainability and our university is a great learning laboratory for them to work in," said Mumford, an assistant professor in the Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies. "We have many sustainability examples on campus, such as the Davies Center that supports a green roof, efficient energy and lighting features, and water conserving technologies in the bathrooms. Students can walk around campus and see what sustainability looks like."  Read more.....


Environmental News

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Teaching Environmental Literacy: Seeking Balance
A change in policy requires schools to teach a basic understanding of environmental protection.

News from Science News

Bumblebees Navigate New Turf Without a Map
A new study finds that bumblebees can find the quickest route between flowers and the hive.

DNA Tags May Dictate Bee Behavior
The DNA pattern in bees changes when they find a new job in the hive.

Local News

VolumeOne Chippewa Valley Sustainable Future Festival: Enough For All Forever
Check out VolumeOne's story on the Sustainable Future Festival August 11th!

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