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Winterim Web 2014

Some Possible Courses

AIS 325/ANTH 325 - Native American Indians

BIOL 320 - Studies in Tropical Environments

CHEM 460 - Polymer Chemistry

CJ 202 - Fundamentals of Speech

DNCE 101 - Dance Appreciation

ENGL 259 (online) - Perspectives on British Literature after 1790

GEOL 122 - Future of Global Energy

MATH 351/551 (online) - Numerical Analysis I

MUSI 110 - Music Appreciation

SOC 242 (online) - Contemporary Social Problems

WMNS 344/544 (online) - Women, Work and Family

Want to catch up or get ahead? Get the facts about Winterim Session, 2014.

Three-Week Winterim Session: January 2 - 17, 2014

  • Winterim courses are available to current students; students attending other universities during the year; or interested non-degree seeking students
  • Winterim courses are available online and in person
  • To search by subject for Winterim courses, go to Class Search and change the term to 2014 Winterim. To find online courses, under Additional Search Criteria, choose Online in Mode of Instruction 
  • To get a listing of all Winterim courses, on the Class Search site, click on Self-Service near the top of the page, go to Winterim Class Schedule, put UWEAU in Institution, and click on View Results. The Mode column indicates which courses are online
  • Class sizes are kept small
  • Courses are three weeks in length
  • You can take the equivalent of one credit per week, so you can earn as many as three credits in January!



To receive Winterim aid you must schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor, 715-836-3373, or stop into the Financial Aid Office (Schofield Hall, Room 115) after you have registered for the Winterim class.

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